Hybrid Playground – Sharing Spaces _ conference

Hybrid forms of theater are not just a phenomenon of the pandemic. Or are they? What is exciting about working in the hybrid structures? What will happen next with the developments that many theater professionals have examined in the last two years? What kind of new dramaturgies and narrative forms are developing through hybrid spaces? What impact does this have on the authors work? What are the challenges for technologies, platforms and stage spaces? How do the different audiences come together? What new forms of collaboration between artistic and technical professionals are emerging? And what do all these developments and considerations mean for the production process?

Under the title HYBRID PLAYGROUND _ SHARING SPACES fringe ensemble (Bonn, DE) invites theater makers, professionals of various genres (authors, set designers, programmers, dramaturgs and academics) and other interested parties to an exchange on hybrid theater formats.

The focus of the conference, which takes place hybrid, is on exchange and dialogue between the various participants. We aim to initiate encounters and discussions by using different formats such as keynote speeches, dialogues, open discussions, presentations and an excerpt from a performance.